Broadcast and Campaign are interchangeably used to refer to one-off messages sent to a group of contacts. Campaigns are however broader than broadcasts. See campaigns.

Broadcasts are direct messages you can send to your customer groups (segments or lists) through messaging channels like email, SMS or in-app messaging. With broadcasts, you can easily send the same message to multiple people at once.

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Broadcasts are one-off messages you can send to your contacts via email or in-app message.

Perhaps you want to tell your customers about a new feature or announce a new event you’re running in a specific city, or send a group of contacts a targeted promotion, or send a request to complete a survey for specific users.

Whatever your use case, Broadcasts is the best way to send one-off messages to multiple people at the same time.

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Broadcasts are messages that you can send to all of your subscribers, or a group of subscribers, at once.

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