Email sequence/Email series

An email sequence is also called email series. Both terms are interchangeably used with automation. Even though they share a lot of similarities with automation, they are not exactly the same. Automation is a broader term. All email series are a form of automation but not all automation is an email series. See automation for more

An email series is a sequence of prepared emails that are automatically triggered by an event and sent to a customer over a period of time. Email series are usually used to onboard new users or send a set series of campaigns to the user.

Other definitions

An email sequence is a series of emails sent to a prospect, user, or customer sent automatically using automation software based on predetermined criteria such as a time delay or action being met.

In other words, if you build your emails out beforehand and set it up with email marketing automation, you can follow up with prospects at scale... without being the one to click the "Send" button over and over.

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Web Profits

An email sequence is a series of emails sent based on pre-set time intervals or trigger-based automations (or both).

  • A time-based email sequence involves messages that are sent at predetermined intervals (e.g. immediately after opt-in, 30 days after purchase, one year after subscribing etc.). Time-based email sequences are also referred to as ‘autoresponders’.
  • Trigger-based email sequences are sent whenever someone takes an action on your website or within your email sequence (e.g. not logging into the software platform for a week, clicking a link in an email, clicking links in the last three emails etc.)
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Mail munch

A sequence is a bunch of emails sent one after another to prospects/customers to achieve a certain goal. And can be these goals?

Here are some of the things you can achieve with email sequences:

  • Convert free customers into paying.
  • Increase traffic to your website, landing pages, or blog.
  • Get more subscribers on your blog or channel.
  • Gather people for an invite or webinar.
  • Branding.

Whether you want more paying customers or visitors to your articles, an email sequence can be a solid tool.

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An email sequence is a series of emails automatically sent to specific segments of people on your email list. An email sequence can be trigger-based or time-based.

When an email sequence is trigger-based, emails are sent based on actions such as:

  • Browsing behavior
  • Subscribing to your list
  • Shopping cart abandonment
  • Reading or downloading content
  • Buying a product

A time-based email sequence (sometimes called an email autoresponder) sends emails at predetermined time intervals, like…

  • Right after opt-in
  • 30 days after purchase
  • On the anniversary of subscribing

You only have to set them up once. And then they work for you.

Email sequences are automated. They take people from not knowing your company to becoming full-fledged, enthusiastic customers (who just love to recommend your brand).

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