Unsubscribe Rate

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An unsubscribe rate shows you the percentage of users who have opted-out from your mailing list after an email campaign. This tells you the number of subscribers who have chosen not to receive your newsletter any further. Higher the unsubscribe rate, lower your email deliverability, and domain reputation leading to ISP or email service providers like Gmail and Yahoo marking you as Spam. A spike in this number helps you understand which campaigns are working and which aren’t.

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An unsubscribe rate is a measure that indicates the percentage of users who have opted-out from the mailing list after an email campaign. The unsubscribe rate impacts email deliverability, so a large number of unsubscribers leads to negative consequences from email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.

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The unsubscribe rate is a metric that measures the percentage of people who opt out from an email list. An unsubscribe rate that is less than 1% is considered within industry standard. The unsubscribe rate percentage is calculated by dividing the number of people who unsubscribed by the number of emails delivered times hundred (Unsubscribed number/Emails delivered x 100 = Unsubscribed rate %).

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Email Unsubscribe Rate is the percentage of email addresses that unsubscribe from an email marketing campaign, out of all email addresses that successfully received an email. Email recipients can choose to opt-out of mailing lists and this action is called an unsubscribe. Regulating the frequency, content, and purpose of sending emails can reduce Email Unsubscribe Rate.

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