Personalized Messaging

Personalized messaging is a form of customer messaging that uses the customer’s data to send the right message to customers. Because it is based on the customer’s data – preferences, actions, behaviour, attributes, lifecycle within the application, the message feels relevant to the customer. And even though a personalized message might be sent as a broadcast to many people at once, to every recipient, it feels specifically targeted at them. The way this is mostly done is to segment customers based on similar characteristics and then send a broadcast to that segment.

Other definitions

Personalized messaging delivers a specific, valuable message that is relevant to users. Traditional messaging comes in a “one size fits all” blast and does not take user behavior into consideration. For example, a push notification reminding a user of their flight time and hotel booking would be especially valuable when the user is at the airport, or on the day leading up to the trip.

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Personalization messaging uses customer data like past purchases, demographics, and browsing history to tailor digital marketing to a consumer’s unique character traits. It’s so common that consumers now expect it in emails, text messages, and in-app experiences.

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